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Fiery Run Wine Festival

Fiery Run

10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Fiery Run is an acoustic, folk-rock trio based out of northern Virginia. Sharing a mutual love for songwriting, heavy harmonies, and mean guitar licks has allowed for a seamless joining of these three musicians. Coming from diverse backgrounds in music makes for a unique blend of genres that any audience can enjoy. Featuring Mark Clay on rhythm guitar and vocals, Heidi Budwash on vocals, and Ted Seely on lead guitar and vocals. This trio is sure to entertain and surprise listeners with their original tunes along with personalized renditions of well loved songs from yesterday and today.

Souled Out CarSouled Out

2 pm – 5:30 pm.

Souled Out, combined with their soulful lead vocals and sweet flowing harmonies, is taking the Northern Virginia nightlife by storm. The now six piece band who blends soul, funk, rock and country plays at many bars and clubs; including monthly appearances at a club voted one of the top ten hot spots on the east coast. From rock and roll to rhythm and blues, Souled Out meets all their fans’ and clients’ musical desires.



Church Street Project

The Church Street Project

Noon – 2 pm

The Church Street Project began in 2005 simply as that, a project. No rules, no set members just a practice spot in a former church and theatre on Church Street. While many musicians have played within the Project, its current group of Artists consist of John Yeabower -drums, Amy Lelito-vocals and keyboards, Ian Moon-vocals and guitar, and Shae Parker-vocals and bass.



Gallowsgallows bound Bound

1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Rising from the filthy waters of the Shenandoah comes a group of Winchester Virginia’s finest storytellers proclaiming themselves as Gallows Bound. Raised in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and stemming from three chord punk rock provides for a unique twist on traditional instruments, having been known as outlaw bluegrass. With their first album “Empty Flask, Empty Heart”, their songs are described as an “aggressive yet melodic collection” ranging from fast and punchy tales of rambling and love, to dark and soulful songs birthed from whiskey and regret.